Camping Tips and Must Have

As camping season is approaching here in Kentucky I have decided to share my list of must have camping items and where are some good locations to go camping here in Kentucky. Some will be fore both campers and tents and others will just accommodate tents. This list will fit your needs rather you intend to camp in a camper with a few of life’s little luxuries in your home away from home or if you like to rough it and camp in a tent. Late spring through early fall is my favorite time of year. When the sun is shining and the temps are finally warm enough to shed those layers and let the sun kiss your skin. I love everything about warm weather, wait almost everything. Let’s just say I could do without the snakes and mosquitoes oh and the bees!!!!

What are your must haves for camping?!?! What are my must haves for camping you may ask…well some of them are pretty basic buttt there are some others that y’all may be like huh. Well here it goes my must haves. Number one thing on my list for camping is get a good camping spot if staying in a state park or at any other camp grounds. Yes the spot is very important. When at a lake you will want a water front spot if taking a boat or kayaks. If wanting to simply swim only then look for a spot close to the beach. Looking for privacy and to take in nature peacefully? Look for that far away spot towards the edges of the campground, possibly in the wood line. Stay away from spots that are near the water, parks or rest rooms as people will be passing through your spot to access these features. If you are in a tent and have small children then you may possibly want to get somewhere close to or between the playground and the bathrooms. If you have a camper choose a spot that has plenty of area to setup your outside stuff and has a great view. The spot matters so be sure to pick one that suits your needs.

Now for the rest of my list. Make sure to bring a well stocked first aid kit that includes: bug bite and sting relief, snake bit kit, plenty of bandaids, alcohol, peroxide, ace bandage, antibiotic cream, allergy cream, Benadryl, Tylenol and Ibuprofen, emergency ice packs, any prescription meds needed by all family members, gauze, tweezers, medical tape, scissors, rubber gloves, super glue, butterfly bandages. Don’t forget anything else that you or your family may use on a regular basis. If you have an accident prone family like me then you know what to prepare for. Anything can happen and will likely happen when you least expect so it’s better to be prepared. If you have a spot with electric bring a fan if you get hot easily. Don’t forget fresh batteries, flash lights, an actual battery powered radio, just in case there is an emergency. Glow sticks can be useful as well. Make sure you have lighters and matches to start a fire. Drinking water, snacks, towels, paper towels, kitchen needs and food needs. Newspaper to start a fire. Plenty of blankets and pillows. Board games are always included in our family camping trips.

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