My Fave Items

Let’s get started!!!

Ok I have to admit something…..I LOVE to go shopping!!! Online or in store, it don’t make a difference to me! LOL I am a real big fan of retail therapy. But what I love more than shopping is finding a good deal! I coupon, search for sales and almost always shop the clearance section. On this page I will share some of my fave items and tell you where to find them! I will include everything from beauty and hair care to kitchen gadgets and even books. I’m a pretty unique person who loves many things! I will make a separate post sharing tips and tricks to save money so stay tuned!

My absolute fave shampoo and conditioner. Can be found on Amazon and at your local Walgreens.

This little brush is AMAZING!!! Love the way it feels on my scalp. Helps break loose any buildup you may have on your scalp while massaging your scalp!! Get yours on Amazon!

These are the absolute best for your hair!! My hair would always break off and fall out with other pony tail holders. I would take my hair down and my pony tail holder would look like a hairball from having so much hair stuck in it! With these I don’t have that problem anymore. Get yours on Amazon!

This right here ❤️ the taste and all!!! Best part it’s shelf stable so I can stock up!! Healthy alternative to milk! I use it in my cereal, make smoothies, in my coffee, etc. Get it on Amazon!

My current obsession 🎃🍁❤️ I could drink this all day! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and the flavors that go with fall OMG ❤️ Get this on Amazon!

I love my herbal teas!!! I might have a little obsession with herbal teas 🙈🤣 This is one of my go to teas! It’s for PCOS but even if you don’t have PCOS it does have many benefits and the taste is amazing! Get it on Amazon!

This stuff is the best!! I get migraines and suffer from allergies and sinus issues. This tea helps me relax and helps get rid of the sinus pressure and eases my migraines before they get out of control! Available on Amazon and Kroger!

If you drink loose leaf herbal teas you need this cup!! Has the basket to put the tea in and a lid that also works to hold your basket when you remove it! I use this cup daily and honestly need to purchase another one for when this one is in the dishwasher. Get it on Amazon!

This cup is absolutely amazing. Works just as good if not better than others like it. Comes with a straw and straw cleaner brush. Comes in many colors! Get on Amazon!

All natural counter cleaner with an amazing scent and bonus it helps repel spiders and other insects. Find it on Amazon!

I usually got the very expensive phone cases but ran across this on Amazon and wow I’m super impressed! Very durable and waterproof!

These sheets y’all ❤️❤️❤️ I can’t say enough about these sheets!!! They are super soft and they stay on the mattress!!! No more tugging on sheets in the middle of the night because they pop off the corners of thicker mattresses. As I’m sure you can guess by now these are on Amazon!!!

Love this book….helps me journal my feelings, prayers, thoughts, etc. Good for a self guided Bible study that helps you to process your feelings! Get it on Amazon!

Just finished reading this book and wow did it hit me in the feels. Great motivational book! Get it on Amazon as well as in many bookstores!

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